Fun-damental Movement

Little Bugs Club is designed to help your Childs development through movement and make it fun packed and interesting.

Physical activity is fundamental to the early development of children and I feel passionately about promoting the benefits of regular and varied physical activities for preschoolers to help them to maximise the benefits of developing gross motor skills. 

Gross motor skills - why needed, how to help them 

The skill of movement:

Balance - Static and Dynamic 

Jumping, Hopping, skipping


Throwing, catching, kicking, hitting

Fine Motor skills and grip strength 

Bilateral Co-ordination and integration

Proprioception and body awareness

Direction Change and spacial awareness

Strength - Core stability and muscular strength using body weight

Elements of fitness : muscular strength, flexibility, stability and posture, control and coordination, stamina, speed, balance, agility

Gross motor skills :  roll, sit up, crawl, walk, run, jump, leap, hop, skip

Cross body movements 

All children develop at different speeds and later development is not a solid indicator of future ability, but if you do have any concerns about your Childs development please speak to your health professional.